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Saturday, November 19, 2011

How much more beautiful you want it?

A change of heart erasing hate

How much more beautiful you want it? Reformed racist skinhead Bryon Widner was touched by God and not only had a change of heart, but literally a change of face. The decision was made to turn his back on hate and he became a Christian, during this time death threats came along for 2 years straight on his address.

While decided to get these hateful tattoos removed from his face, hands and arms he faced another problem, it would cost $35,000 but how? Well, black man Daryle Lamont Jenkins the runner of a anti-hate group did and found an  anonymous donor who was willing to pay the bill. 

The horribly painful process of removing the tattoos took Bryon Widner 35 surgeries to complete his change of face. Gods work is amazing!

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